Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Electrical Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling your Home

Remodeling can be a very exciting experience but you don’t want to commit any of the following electrical mistakes. Electrical shocks and short circuits are deadly and you need to prevent them by making sure you avoid common electrical service mistakes. We are going to look at some mistakes that inexperienced electricians make during renovations that may cause serious shocks and potential fires. 

Stuffing too many wires in an electrical box
No experienced electrician will make the mistake of stuffing too many wires in the box because of the risk of overheating. The box size should be increased to facilitate the many different wires in order to avoid the risk of short-circuiting. Some homes have even experienced fire damage due to electrical wires that are stuffed in a small electrical box. 

Underground wiring
Many people make the mistake of using normal household wiring on the backyard or garden. There are specific cables and wires that are meant for underground wiring. Using the wrong type of cable or wire can cause a lot of potential risks. The underground wires need to have conduit protection at the top so that they do not easily get damaged by soil or pressure.

Using the junction box and clamps to protect wires/cables
Most people will not install these components because they seem to occupy too much space. However, when the renovations are done especially in the kitchens, junction boxes and clamps are important because they help to protect wires and cables that will be connected to kitchen appliances. Not only do they prevent damage to your electrical appliances but also ensure you don’t experience shocks and sparks when you connect the appliance to the electric supply. Having clamps and junction boxes can really help to maintain your electrical appliances.

Using extension cords as permanent wiring
This is often seen in outdoor spaces like on the lawn where one needs to use the sprinkler but there’s no power source. Using an extension cord as a permanent source of wiring is a very dangerous thing any homeowner can do. These cords are sometimes unable to withstand the load they are exposed to and may end up creating serious potential risks like house fires. If there is a need to use power outdoors, underground wiring should be done to facilitate this.

Cutting the wires too short
Many homeowners who choose to do their own electrical work during renovations end up making this common mistake. The issue with cutting the wires too short is that, you are more likely to make poor connections which end up becoming very dangerous. Make sure the wires are long enough to facilitate proper connections.

Connecting wires without electrical boxes

Connecting wires without the use of electrical boxes is a very huge risk. When you leave the wires hanging, the connections can easily get damaged and cause short circuits. There is also the risk of loose connections when electrical boxes are not used. These loose connections will cause shocks and also expose the wires to different forms of damage.   

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