Monday, March 24, 2014

Custom Remodeling Will Make Your Home an Everyday Showcase

It is often said that the littlest things make the biggest difference in life. It's when we pay
attention to the small details that we make everything better. This is no truer than when it comes
to our home décor. Whether you are looking to sell your house or just feel like it is time
for a little upgrade in your life, the best thing you can do is to spend a little time in the
rooms you don't even know you spend most of your time in: the kitchen and bathroom. By doing a
little upgrade on the countertops and tiling, you can make both rooms feel like a whole new area.

Regardless of what a person believes about Feng Shui, there is a truth to the fact that a room's
layout can bring with it a sense of peace and comfort. Everyone has walked into a room for the
first time and sensed either of relaxation, as if they have been there a thousand times before, or
discomfort and unease, and no amount of socializing or moving about makes it feel more welcoming.
In your home, it is something you probably don't even consciously think about anymore because you
move among the rooms dozens of times a day, but taking a little bit of time to really examine the
rooms and see what can be done to them will help you understand how the simple act of a kitchen
remodeling or a bathroom remodeling will improve your peace of mind.

Think about it this way: when was your house built? Even if it was a new construction at the time
you bought it, it is already going to start to feel dated. Much like we open the windows every
spring to get fresh air through the house as we do our spring cleaning, a custom remodel job will
help to bring new life to your house. With a new, handcrafted, custom look from an experienced
contractor, you will feel reinvigorated every time you enter the new room. Our environment affects
us more than we can imagine. People talk about how they are affected by the seasons or the
weather, but they never think about how where they live affects them. After years of living in the
same environment, they will start to feel dragged down by it and not know why. That is why it is
time for a change.

If you are thinking about selling your house, a custom remodel is just as important. Perspective
buyers will see what you don't: a kitchen or a bathroom that looks like a time capsule from when
the house was built. By taking just a little time (and less money than you think), you can turn
those old, tired rooms into showpieces that seal the deal. So, whether you are staying in your
house or looking to sell it, a professional kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel is something that
you owe yourself.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why Do So Many Modern Builders And Decorators Like Hardwood Floors?

Why Do So Many Modern Builders And Decorators Like Hardwood Floors?

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If you watch any of the television programs that feature individuals and families searching for another home - or updating the one they already have - it seems that hardwood floors are always first on the list. One would think that wood flooring is a new fad when in fact hardwoods have been in vogue for hundreds of years. There are some 'ancient' reasons why wood floors are such a good investment plus there have been some recent discoveries that make the choice even better.

When settlers and new townspeople began building permanent homes, unless they were extremely wealthy, they used the natural resources around them. In most areas there were plenty of forests with trees that were indigenous to the area. This is why you may see a lot of the really older homes in the South with knotty pine floors and homes in the northwest with other hardwoods. Should you find any of these older structures you will discover that with a little sanding and polishing the original wood floors will be as good as new. Wood floors last for generations (if you have termite protection!). 

Unlike carpeting, hardwoods do not attract and keep allergens. Pet dander and dust are easily removed as are other allergens. If you have a tile floor and someone makes a scuff or little dent in the tile it cannot be repaired easily. Sometimes it has to be replaced altogether. These little things age a wood floor and give it character.

You see all these modern cleaning appliances and wood floor cleaning solutions on television and on the Internet. However, homemakers have been cleaning their hardwood floors with a simple solution of vinegar and water for years. It is not an expensive cleaning project. And it works! 

Real wood floors are a great insulation. The earliest builders probably found this out for themselves. When properly installed, they prevent drafts and cold from coming up from the foundation or basement. And next to carpeting, wood floors make a great sound barrier. Your home will be much quieter than if you had marble, terrazzo or tiles floors that echo sound.

Your flooring store can show you the vast selection of wood that can be used today. It is available in 'regular' narrow plank or the wide plank. It can be installed in a liner fashion or there can be variegated lengths to create patterns. Actual wood that is used can be pine, oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, birch and something even more exotic like teak. 

What decorators love is that a wood floor can fit in with any décor or color palate. This is because natural wood can be sanded to the bare bones and then stained the exact color that will bring out the beauty of your furniture. Naturally, the wood floor will be stunning as well.

Since 1948, family-owned Atlas Floors Carpet One has been the premiere floor supplier and installer of quality hardwood, ceramic tile, carpet, vinyl and laminate flooring and more for local homes and businesses in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to Maintain Your House in the Winter

Winter maintenance is essential for all homeowners who want to make sure that their homes are properly maintained and not endangered by any potential factor. Before the temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, it is important to perform a maintenance routine that involves both the interior and exterior of your home. This way, you will make sure that neither you nor your family will be ever susceptible to pathogens or other dangers that are common to this time of the year.

Check the Heating

In the first place, you need to make sure that your heating system is properly functioning ahead of time. Since temperatures are colder in winter, your home needs to be warm and comfortable, so a heating system that works adequately is mandatory. You should check the boiler if you have one. And if some work needs to be done on your heating or your boiler, call a licensed contractor to do the job for you. 

Check the Roof

One very important thing you should do to maintain your home is roof maintenance. Since your roof has direct contact with the environment, it is more likely to be damaged, especially when the winter arrives. Before snow begins to fall, make sure you check the roof for potential leaks, fungi or mold, which will weaken its structure and will automatically damage the interior of your home as well. Be sure to wrap water piping in UL-Listed heat tape; if it is exposed in unheated places like your garage, insulate it. If your water piping is plastic, work solely with thermostatically controlled heat tape.

Make Sure Everything is Sealed

Heat loss is a common problem amongst homeowners, which is why you have to keep your home perfectly warm by adding weather stripping around your doors and windows. This will help you guard them against drafts, keeping the entire house evenly heated. During winter, you will be using your heating system continually, hence resulting in a lot of energy loss and waste. To prevent that, you need to change the HVAC filters monthly and check the insulation in your crawlspace and attic. Seal all areas around recessed lights, attic hatch and plumbing vents that allow the warm air to enter the attic. In case you do not have double-paneled windows, remove the screens and proceed to install storm windows instead. This will ensure you that the cold will stay outside, while the warm remains inside.

Check the Wiring

If you usually decorate your home during winter, it is very important to be precautious first and check the wires of your light display, which might be frayed and susceptible to fire danger. If you plan to keep a real Christmas tree inside your home, make sure you water it regularly, so that it will not be likely to catch fire.

To maintain your home, you might sometimes need to prepare an emergency kit to help you in difficult or extreme situations. Blackouts are common during winter, specifically if the weather is very snowy and windy. Items like flashlights, candle lights, bottled water, blankets, phone number from utility companies, first-aid kits, nonperishable food and battery backup to protect electronic equipment are essential and will help you prepare for a large number of emergencies.

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