Monday, November 25, 2013

Thinking Of Renovating Your Homes Floors? Go Hardwood Flooring

Are you thinking of renovating your home? Or maybe you're sick and tired of having to soak stains
out of your carpet and want a more practical option? Maybe you or one of your loved ones has
allergies and you want to go for a sympathetic option? If this sounds like you then you should
consider the virtues of hardwood flooring for your floor renovation project.

This article is designed to give you an idea of what advantages a hardwood floor could have for
your home or business. Below is a list of some of the things to consider.

1. Hardwood floors give any home a look of elegance and style.

2. Hardwood flooring is very easy to maintain and clean. No longer will you have to deal with the
agony of cleaning stains and dirt out of your carpet. Hardwood is a great material for keeping
clean with minimum upkeep; stains and dirt are only trapped on the surface and can easily be
removed with a wipe from a mop or broom.

3. Colour longevity. Carpets will fade over time, becoming mere shadows of their former
brilliance, with a hardwood floor the colour remains rich and vibrant for far longer than any
other flooring material.

4. Every hardwood floor is unique. Just like the natural material from which it is made, with
hardwood floors there are never two that are exactly alike. And the best thing is if you want to
change the pattern of your floor you can sand it back and enjoy brand new patterns and colours!

5. Hardwood flooring is perfect for people who suffer from allergies. Pollen and dust are easily
swept aside, not trapped in the fibres of the floor as happens with carpeted floors.

6. Hardwood floors will increase the value of your home. Hardwood floors are very sought after in
the property market and will give a significant return on your investment.

If you're thinking of renovating your floor then keep these helpful tips in mind.

What do I look for from a hardwood flooring installation company?

If you do decide to go with the smart choice and invest in hardwood flooring for your home then
here are a couple of things to think about when choosing your installer.

1. Always go with authorised installers.

2. Family owned usually offer more personal services.

3. Experience is important.

4. Listen to your friends and family, word of mouth is a powerful indicator of quality.

5. Go with a flooring specialist.
Queensland Parquetry, Cork and Timber Floors (QPCF) incorporating Contract
Floor Sanding and Comflor Commercial Floor Coverings, operates throughout Brisbane and the rest of
Queensland and has the team qualifications and experience to turn any floor into an ageless

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tips On Finding The Perfect Windows For Your Home

Are you considering building our first home? Or maybe you're renovating your existing home and
need some tips on what will work best for you and your property? There are many different options
when it comes to installing windows in your home and quite a few things to consider so this
article aims to provide you with some information on the different types of windows available on
the market today.

What style of windows should I go for?

Choosing what style of window to go for is one of the more daunting tasks that you will be faced
with when starting the search for your dream windows. Here are some of the main styles of windows
and some of the features that each have.

1. Awning Windows- Awning windows are a traditional favourite and with the latest retractable
flyscreen options there is no reason why you should overlook the humble awning window as far as
pest protection goes. Awning windows have an elegant look and are easily operated.

2. Casement Windows- Casement windows were created to allow a higher ventilation rate than other
windows by being able to open the window to a fully perpendicular position and allow a greater
flow of air into your home. Casement windows are great for showing off big pieces of glass that
can easily be rotated to allow maximum airflow.

3. Sliding Windows- Sliding windows are the practical option of choice. Sliders use rollers that
offer smooth and effortless operation with the security and versatility of multiple locking
points, sliding windows are a great option for the security conscious consumer.

4. Tilt and Turn Windows- Tilt and turn window opens in two directions, when tilt-opens from the
top, it can let in fresh air and prevent dust, rain, and intruders.

The advantages of double glazed windows

When thinking of windows you will undoubtedly come to the point where you will ask yourself; "Do
I want double glazed windows?" Quite simply; yes you do.

Double glazed windows have a range of benefits over their competitors and here is a quick list of
just some of the benefits they offer;

1. Superior insulation properties

2. Reduction in ambient noise

3. Superior security than traditional windows

What is U-PVC?

The "u" in UPVC stands for "unplasticised", meaning that it is a rigid form of PVC that lasts for
a long time. UPVC windows can withstand heat, cold, wind, rain, and snow without corroding,
peeling, chipping, or flaking. Because the UPVC is so stable and inert, you will never need to
paint the window. They are virtually maintenance free. UPVC windows do not rot, have great
flexibility in terms of design, and are priced competitive.
EuroTech Windows specializes in manufacturing and installing uPVC,
double glazed windows and doors. Our windows are low maintenance, energy efficient, provide great
noise reduction and security features. u-PVC used in our products is non-corrosive and
non-flammable. Our windows also provide excellent weather sealing, keeping the cold out in winter
and heat out in summer.

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Burst Pipe - How To Avoid Them

Pipes are an important installment in your house and it is therefore important to know all the
factors that will affect their proper functioning. Varying temperatures may cause serious harm to
your pipes. When water freezes, it usually occupies more volume than when it is in liquid form.
Therefore, when temperatures fall during the winter season, the chances of a burst pipe increase
significantly. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to prolong the life of your


As the cold season approaches, you need to take some steps to protect your pipes from the
destruction of cold weather. First of all, take note of all the rooms in your home that usually
remain unheated. If they have pipes running through them, you might save yourself a lot of trouble
by simply wrapping them with padding material that is specially designed for this. Next,
disconnect all the pipes connected to taps. This will help prevent any water running through the
pipes undetected and freezing during the winter.

You should also allow water to run through your pipes at regular intervals in the cold months. Hot
water will be an additional benefit as it unfreezes any frozen water that may be accumulating in
your pipes. Additionally, you could also heat up the entire house. Since you may not be aware of
all the places that the pipes pass through, ensuring the entire house is warm will get the job

One last thing you should consider if you are unwilling to heat the entire house is to either
install lamps or space heaters along the pipes in rooms that you do not use. This will keep the
pipes from experiencing extreme temperature drops during the cold months. You don't ever want to
have to deal with a burst pipe, so make sure you take all the necessary prevention measures. 


If you suspect that you may have a burst pipe, the first step you should take is to shut off all
your water devices, and then listen for any hissing sound. You may have a burst pipe if you hear
such a sound. In addition, check your meter to see if it is running even when all your water
devices are shut. If it is, then you may have a situation that may require the services of a
professional plumber.

In case the burst pipe is not caused by temperature changes, then it is advisable to always have
some tools ready for an emergency intervention. A clamp is one of them. Learn to use it before
disaster strikes, so you are able to remedy the situation to some extent in case a pipe actually
bursts. You should shut off the water supply to the pipe and then disconnect it from the rest of
the system to prevent unnecessary water loss.
Burst pipes can be difficult to deal with when you have no idea what you're doing. For more
information about dealing with burst pipes, visit .

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