Monday, July 20, 2015

What Your Electrician Should be Telling You

Electricity supply is a crucial part of your household. Your household appliances depend on electricity to run. You need electricity to warm your shower water so that you can get ready for work. You need electricity to run the air conditioning and heating. In short, your household cannot exist without electricity. Electricity also happens to be dangerous. If wiring and installation is done improperly, you expose your household to great risk. As such, when choosing an electrician to do your electric work for you, you need to pay attention to the information they are giving you. This will help you determine whether they are indeed suitable for the job.


Even before you delve into matters of the actual problem at hand, your electrician needs to prove that they are trained and licensed to provide the services you need. Cross-check this information with the necessary bodies. Remember it is very easy for rogue professionals to lie about their qualifications.

What’s wrong?

Your understanding of the electric problem is based on your layman’s knowledge. However, a good electrician will explain to you in as much detail as you want, what exactly is wrong with whatever you need fixed. This way, they will walk you through the process of fixing the problem, including how much this will cost you. And speaking of cost, another thing your electrician should be telling you is…

How much you will be charged for everything.

Your electrician should break down the charges for all services rendered and materials used. It is not acceptable for an electrician to give you a block fee without explaining what the individual costs that add up to the total figure are. Your electrician should also be transparent about their charges, and should not add additional costs that weren’t initially discussed to your bill.

What your options are.

As far as materials go, there are different options that are available for electric work. Based on your needs and your budget, your electrician should be in a position to advise you on which is the best and which cheaper alternatives are available, to suit your budget if need be.

Who they have worked for before

You should talk to the past clients of the electrician, to find out whether they can vouch for him. If an electrician is reluctant to provide their past client list, take that as a red flag. Any professional who is proud of their work will be more than happy to have you speak with the clients they have offered their services to.

How to avoid similar problems in future.

If the problem at hand is something that could have been avoided, your electrician should tell you how to do so. They will not let you run into the same problem with an intention of making more money off you.

If you do not take time to choose a good electrician, you will be placing your entire household at the risk of injury, fire and even death. If your electrician is not telling you the above things, consider that a sign to keep searching for a good electrician.

Posted By: Danny Blackstock