Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bathroom Renovation - Top Renovation Tips

Your bathroom might be old or you might just be tired of that old look that has become all too
familiar. As such, the idea of having a renovation has probably crossed your mind. Before you
undertake a bathroom renovation, there are a number of important issues to consider for the new
look you want. For instance, you must consider all your concerns and needs as far as functionality
goes. Spend some time looking into the following tips and by the time you are done, you will be
ready to start your bathroom makeover.

Have a feel of your bathtub before you buy it

One of the items that you may need to replace in your bathroom is the bathtub. There is a notion
that the bigger the bathtub, the better it is, but that is not completely true. If you have a
small bathroom, then a big bathtub would not suite you. An average 60-inch bathtub would suite
most people. This has enough length to allow for stretching out and also gives a good foothold
preventing you from 'floating' when the tub is full. Get into the tub and asses it, checking its
comfortable positions at the feet, back and neck. In case you have a small room, get a deeper
bathtub for the bathroom renovation.

Get a stylish mirror

You have probably noticed that whenever you get into the bathroom for whatever reason, you never
miss to pass by the mirror. The mirror is an important part of the bathroom, which is why you must
consider having one that is stylish and appealing to you and other bathroom users. A beautifully
framed mirror with proper lighting will provide a great transformation for your bathroom
renovation. The same goes for the selection of the other fixtures you will choose to put up.

Work on the shower area

Out of all the other sections in the bathroom, this just might be the most important. You are
unlikely to carry out a bathroom renovation without making changes to the showering area. The
traditional standard shower stall is confining; consider an open concept showering area to solve
this problem, since it does not require a door and a curtain. Its drainage will have to be well
designed and the shower mounted high, splashing less water and keeping the outside area drier.

Good toilet

This is an important part of the bathroom and you should consider it for the bathroom renovation.
Acquiring a good toilet can be quite costly but not necessarily. Good quality toilets can come
with an affordable price tag. Consider going for a toilet with bowls and seats that are elongated,
as they tend to be the most comfortable. The more the comfort on the toilet seats, the better.
Besides its main function, it is a place where you also have some time to relax. As such, carry
out your bathroom renovation with the need for comfort in mind.
There is much more to consider for your bathroom renovation, including the budget. To get more
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Sunday, February 9, 2014

How To Renovate Your Bathroom On A Low-Budget

Renovations can become very expensive if they aren't budgeted for correctly, and many people tend
to overstep their spending allowance. However, a successful bathroom makeover doesn't always mean
you have to break the bank. In fact, you just need to understand how to complete your renovation
by learning what is worth spending on and what is not. Some items in a renovation are a necessity,
but many can be unnecessary extras that really don't add value to your space.

Getting A Contractor

Most people don't have the time or the skills necessary to complete a bathroom renovation on their
own. In these cases, finding the right contractor for the job is important, but it is also wise to
find a contractor that can get the job done at a rate you can afford. Before selecting your final
contractor, make sure to shop around and get bids to ensure you're getting a good deal. Always ask
for references and check them out. Lastly, never pick a contractor that is too cheap or too

Cutting The Costs

One of the top ways you can save money is to demolish the bathroom yourself and remove the things
you don't want. If you can't do it on your own, ask for help from friends and family members.
Sometimes, you can even save money by purchasing the building materials yourself. It is best to
consult your contractor first to compare pricing. In this world, purchasing supplies online can
prove to be cheaper than letting your contractor do all of the work.

You can save money by choosing to keep the old layout of your bathroom and not move things around.
If your contractor has to do electrical wiring, install a bathtub somewhere else or even perform
plumbing tasks, it can add a hefty subtotal to your already growing bill. There may be some items
that you can't imagine not moving, but you should consider them wisely before making the extra

The number one reason homeowners end up spending too much on renovations is because of the costs
involved in changing a floor plan when it requires plumbing. You may want to splurge on certain
aspects of your bathroom such as the fixtures, but you can save money by cutting costs in other
areas. For example, if you want to place the focus on your sink or vanity, choose a cheaper tub or

Tiles can become an expensive addition to your bathroom, especially if you want the entire area
tiled. However, you can save money by choosing to tile certain areas such as the floor around the
tub or portions of the wall. You can even add more interest by choosing a modern paint color and
painting the wall or using beadboard wainscoting. You need to know all of the options available to
you when making a final decision to renovation your bathroom affordably.
There is much more to consider for your bathroom renovation, including the budget. To get more
information on this and more, visit .

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