Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to Conserve Energy in the Summer

Summer and huge energy bills are almost synonymous. But contrary to popular belief, conserving energy in the summer is easier than conserving energy in the winter. The trick is to know how to save energy in the summer. It is not about drinking plenty of fluids, though that helps. It is also not about switching off lights and fans when leaving the room. These are traditional ways, and they work. But there are more methods that can save more energy, if only people would reflect on them and follow them. Some of these methods require a little investment, and others are slightly time-consuming. Here are a few that are easy to follow and implement.
     Replace old and frequently failing gadgets. Using energy saving devices that are now available in the market save a lot of energy and in the long run more than recover the new gadget’s cost several times over;
     Improve installations. Opt for dedicated circuits so that it is easier to isolate gadgets that are not to be used in summer. If the power flows through the conventional electrical installations, it would flow through many of the gadgets which are essentially used only in winters. Such isolation helps to reduce resistance offered by the wire’s length towards that gadget or appliance. Consequently, the energy used by the household comes down. Isolating devices that are not used frequently in this manner will also help to bring down energy consumption. Ceiling fan installations, for instance, can be easily improved.
     Invest in gadgets that complete work faster like microwave ovens even if they require high voltage, and use them. The resultant energy savings can be easily identified.
How to conserve energy in summer by opting for clever methods
     Unlike in winters and during rainy seasons, summers are filled with sun’s scorching rays. Therefore, it is not necessary to use the washing machine’s dryer for drying those clothes. The sun will do that without using an iota of energy. Rinsing clothes does not require hot water. The washing activity can therefore be split into three parts.
    Like the clothes, even dishes can be dried in open near the drain board. 
     Use gadgets such as washing machines in hours that are not peak hours. Effectively, the rate at which the energy consumption would be charged would be lower.
     Have the gadgets such as air conditioners serviced before the start of the season. Air filters have to be cleaned too. Dust can reduce the efficiency of these appliances. Electrical troubleshooting should be done before the season starts to avoid delays later on as everybody would be in rush to get their appliances or installations checked in the midst of summer. While it is not guaranteed whether further electrical troubleshooting would or would not be needed, at least some of the problems associated with electrical troubles can be eliminated and energy would be conserved for that brief period. 
     Use gadgets optimally. Take for example your dish washer. Don’t switch it on and off for fewer dishes. Instead, load it completely and then turn it on. Likewise, keep your refrigerator filled. Many people are under impression that stuffing food and other things in their refrigerator increases power consumption. They could not be more wrong. 

While following these simple methods for conserving energy in the summer, it should be remembered that electrical troubleshooting should be done by professionals, since they have the required equipments such as multi-meters, testers, wires, and plugs, for ensuring proper installation and prevention of any leakages of either electricity or refrigerant. People can avert life threatening accidents related to electrical gadgets if they avail services of professionals.

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