Monday, October 20, 2014

Common Mistakes To Avoid In Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is important as it boosts security, adds beauty and safety to your property. But most people still install exterior lights disregarding quality, efficiency and function. Being knowledgeable on where to put the lights and the types to use is very critical. Mistakes can be costly in the long run and give visitors to your property the wrong first impression. Below are some vital considerations when installing exterior lights.

Failing to consider function

We've seen this in many homes: people install lights on the driveway that are directed to the driver's eyes instead of illuminating the entrance to the garage. It is important to identify the focal points before installing exterior lighting and aim the light towards that point.

Trying to highlight every area

Not every part of the landscape or garden needs excess illumination. You can consider installing landscape lighting to target specific prominent features of your garden or landscape. Aim the light down to the areas you want illuminated to avoid overkill.

Ignoring money-saving light fixtures

There are certain fixtures and timers that can help you save on exterior lighting. For instance, you can get exterior lights with times that go on and off depending on a schedule. The timers will not only help you to save on the cost of energy but also to enhance security in your home whenever you are away on vacation.


Over-lighting is not only annoying to your neighbors but it's expensive and contributes to pollution. If your main concern is security, instead of over-lighting your home's exterior, consider investing in motion detectors. The exterior lights should be subtle and provide just enough illumination to enhance safety and beauty. To avoid over lighting, you can use dimmers which adjust the level of light in your exterior as the evening approaches.

Failing to consider landscape features

If you have a good garden which you'd like to flaunt using exterior lighting then choose the locations and type of lights that will bring out its beautiful features. Also make sure you don't put lights in areas that are difficult to reach. The lighting fixtures should not interfere with regular maintenance like pruning. Make sure they are out of the way.

Installing exterior lighting without a plan

Most importantly, installation of exterior lighting should be done after formulating a proper plan. A plan will help you to assess issues like costs, the types of lighting available and the areas where to install them in order to avoid oversights. You shouldn't consider just your immediate needs like the cost of lighting when doing the installation. Consider also the service life of the light elements and bulbs used.

Overlooking environmental challenges

The other major challenge when installing lights outdoors is the insects. Insects are generally attracted to bright lights so you have to make sure you position the lights in the right manner. There are lights that are designed to discourage insects. You can ask an expert electrician to recommend lighting fixtures that are best suited for your garden, driveway or landscape.
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