Wednesday, January 29, 2014

HVAC Service: Know What Your Home Needs To Stay Healthy Through The Winter

HVAC Service is vital to keeping your home warm and cozy during the winter months, as well as cool
and comfortable during the summer months. The extreme temperatures of winter and summer can wreak
havoc with your cooling and heating equipment. But, a regular HVAC service can save money over the
long term as HVAC repair and replacement can be one of the highest expenses a homeowner has to
face. Preventative maintenance can help to save on costly repairs that tend to occur at the most
inopportune moments.

What Should the HVAC Service Include?

After calling in a professional to complete your HVAC service, he or she should examine the
following parts of your system:

Thoroughly clean and check over the condenser coils, straightening them out if necessary.
This will ensure a proper flow of air in the system.

Check all gas connections, in case of leaks.

Check all refrigerant levels, in case of leaks.

Tighten up all electrical connections.

 Check all lubricant to the moving parts within the system.

Check that the thermostat is functioning correctly - switching off and on according to the

Check and clean the air filter.

An annual inspection and HVAC service is imperative to ensure the smooth running of the system so
that everything performs at maximum efficiency. This will also help to extend the useful life of
the equipment. An annual check-up may even save you money in more ways than one:

1. Reducing your property energy bills - efficient, well serviced equipment is much more cost
effective than badly performing equipment in need of service.

2. Reducing the likelihood that your heating equipment will simply go "bang" and need costly
replacement or repairs.

Arranging a regular HVAC service with a recognized, professional company can help you to save
money and give you real peace of mind. Many service contractors will offer contracts for an annual
HVAC service to include a spring visit to check out and service the air conditioning unit and a
pre-winter visit to check over the heating system ensuring maximum efficiency during the colder
months. Signing one of these agreements could also mean that you can receive discounts over any
needed repairs or purchasing new equipment.

In conclusion - don't try to skimp on HVAC service costs. That's almost a guarantee that repairs
will end up costing you more in the long run. You may think that paying for the service is a waste
of money which could be better used elsewhere . . . but, think again. Having a regular HVAC
service can help to save money on your heating bills and prevent the incredibly expensive option
of needing to repair or replace the entire unit.
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