Monday, September 16, 2013

New Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

HVAC systems have seen a significant improvement in recent times and unlike previous years when
control system was more complex and difficult these days the new systems are capable of combining
and controlling various cooling and heating units with relative ease without compromising on the

Cost of energy is continuously on a rise and owners of both residential and commercial buildings
are constantly on the look out for more economical and if possible free sources of energy like the
solar thermal power. To minimise wastage of electricity most of them are opting for automated
controls for their buildings.

Having HVAC system in your building is one of the most efficient ways to reduce your energy
consumption apart from utilising solar energy to power your homes.

Most homes are opting for automated systems for controlling lighting and other electrical
appliances with a web enabled phone. Appliances that regulate the temperature inside the homes can
also be controled in the same manner.

Heating and cooling are highly energy intensive systems and using energy efficient appliances is
truly essential to bring down energy consumption. Using energy efficient devices at home is a sure
shot way of bringing down your energy bills? Most of the latest heat pumps and air conditioners
and others like furnaces and boilers that are stamped with an 'Energy Star' logo run more
effectively and are energy efficient too.

And powering your HVAC system with solar energy is really a great way of conserving energy. Of
course this needs a little bit of investment to get the solar panels fixed but in the long run you
are surely going to benefit out of it and on top of everything else you will be able to reduce
your dependence on fossil fuels. 

And the extra energy can be stored and used on cloudy days. And the latest concept in solar power
is most governments are allowing the power companies to buy the excess solar power generated in
your building, and this is surely a great idea!

Having high efficiency HVAC systems installed in your homes is going to be of great benefit to
you, you want to know how? Having a high efficiency HVAC system might qualify for a federal tax
credit and this is one great reason why you should think of replacing your old system with one
that consumes lesser energy.

Governments must take appropriate steps to motivate people to conserve energy as much as possible
by taking necessary steps like offering subsidies for energy efficient homes. They must stand as
an example by reducing the power consumption in government buildings and installing renewable
sources of energy like solar energy to power their offices. A lot more research should be
conducted focusing on energy efficient techniques and all such endeavors have to be financially

To be a part of this global phenomenon of energy conservation you must replace your old system and
get an energy efficient HVAC system for your home and contribute your bit towards this endeavor.
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